NAR was founded in 2017 and has since developed into a company that is focused on coaching, education, events and sports management. We’re always looking for ways to give back by reaching out to support our local community.

 At NAR, we are passionate about using the power of sports to inspire learning in young people. We started by providing football training for a small team of children in Nantwich. We have now grown to have over 250 boys and girls that play in various leagues across the North West. From this, we have expanded into the education sector where we now proudly offer active learning to schools throughout Cheshire.

We believe that there is no better way to get children engaged in their education than by using a sport they love and bringing it into their classrooms. Our coaches are trained in how best to engage children in lessons while also teaching them new skills, including leadership and teamwork, confidence building and communication skills.


One of our goals for 2023 is to help encourage and teach young children about the importance of being active and healthy, which we are achieving through active learning. We are passionate about providing our community with opportunities to be involved in physical activities that promote health and wellness. By working with the local community, council and schools, we’re proud to announce that we have been able to provide summer camps for those who may not be able to attend otherwise due to financial constraints.

NAR stands for Nurture, Achieve, Respect. We stand by and embody these core values in everything we do. Ensuring quality sports and education are provided to all our members/clients, where children don’t just learn a new skill but also how too socialise, communicate, and work as a team. We strive to create the best environment for all children, regardless of their age, ability or background.

Our Vision:

 We believe in the power of sport, the ability for anyone to participate, the fun of being active and the growth that comes from it!

Our Vision is to provide an opportunity for all children to be active by finding the right sport and coach for them. We want to help create a pathway for all children through fitness, fun and sports.

Our vision will be achieved by ensuring that our organisation is focused on:

Providing a safe and secure environment for all children

Offering high-quality coaching and support staff who are trained to ensure each child has the best opportunity to succeed

Ensuring that our coaches are given the necessary tools (i.e. equipment) needed so they can deliver a high-quality service

Always adhering to best practice procedure