NAR Education offers a range of camps to children of all ages that include many different activities. Your children will be able to experience as many sports as possible and make amazing new friends from across the county. Each year we aim to make out camps accessible to all, offering several multi-sport camps that run during the school holidays. Our structured approach allows children to focus on their personal development as members of a team or as individuals.

Our mission is to provide fun and educational days for children aged 5 – 12. To achieve this, we provide several activities from model-building, to dance and adventure games. NAR Education is an educational program based on the principle of ‘learning through play’, where children develop their basic life skills through a variety of activities. Developing children’s life skills through different activities is a goal of NAR Education and is achieved through active learning in a safe environment, with trained teachers and volunteers.

We know that your little ones need a healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks to keep them going throughout the day. Our catering team will provide healthy snacks throughout the day as well as a healthy lunch, to keep your little ones going. At NAR Education we believe that food is an important part of the learning process, therefore one of the activities we provide is all about healthy eating and encouraging kids to try new foods.

Nar Education offers a wide range of activities that are fun, educational and engaging. A variety of different activities will be set up throughout the day, so kids never get bored and are constantly learning and developing. From fun games to sports, arts and crafts, or educational activities – your child will always have something to do!

Our NAR Education Camps run Monday – Thursday, 9 am – 3 pm, in the school holidays.