NAR Level 4 Coaching Apprenticeship

The Level 4 Coaching Apprenticeship with NAR Education, in partnership with Reaseheath College, offers a unique opportunity to develop your coaching skills while gaining practical experience in various educational settings. Join us on a journey to become a skilled and effective coach in primary and secondary schools and colleges.

Program Overview:

Our Level 4 Coaching Apprenticeship is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of coaching principles and techniques, combined with hands-on experience in educational environments. Throughout the program, you will spend two mornings per week at Reaseheath College, engaging in theoretical learning and practical workshops. The remaining time will be dedicated to placements within education settings, where you will apply your knowledge under the guidance of experienced mentors.

Course Structure:

  • Introduction to Coaching:

    • Understanding the role of a coach in educational settings

    • Exploring coaching theories and methodologies

    • Developing effective communication and interpersonal skills

  • Coaching Practice and Application:

    • Practical sessions to hone coaching techniques

    • Feedback and reflection on coaching sessions

    • Tailoring coaching approaches to different learning environments

  • Educational Contexts:

    • Familiarisation with primary, secondary, and college settings

    • Observing teaching practices and student interactions

    • Identifying opportunities for coaching intervention and support

  • Professional Development:

    • Setting personal and professional goals as a coach

    • Building resilience and managing challenges in coaching roles

    • Understanding ethical considerations and boundaries in coaching relationships

  • Specialist Topics in Coaching:

    • Addressing specific needs such as mental health support, academic motivation, and behaviour management

    • Collaborating with educators and support staff to implement coaching strategies

  • Assessment and Evaluation:

    • Assessing coaching effectiveness and impact

    • Collecting and analysing feedback

    • Reflecting on personal growth and development throughout the program

Placement Opportunities:

  • Primary schools

  • Secondary schools

  • Colleges

Entry Requirements:

  • Minimum age requirement 18

  • Level 3 in Sports Coaching or equivalent qualification

Duration: 18 Months

Next Steps:

Would you be ready to embark on your journey to become a skilled coach in educational settings? Apply now to join the Level 4 Coaching Apprenticeship at Reaseheath College and take the first step towards a rewarding career in education.

Contact Information:

For inquiries or further information, please get in touch with Adam Beasley –

Join us at NAR and unlock your potential as a coach in the dynamic field of education!